What’s the Pure Local approach?

It’s not as pretentious as it sounds. The Pure Local approach simply means that we plan and execute programs with a focus on the purely essential parts of any program: creativity, pricing, and local expertise.

Creativity: It’s one of the industry’s favorite buzz words. And yes, we have immensely creative people who can create inspiration for your next program. But we also have team members who can creatively solve the inevitable logistical hiccup without batting an eye or can creatively leverage the latest technology to elevate an experience without having to call in the Geek Squad.

Pricing: If it weren’t for our aversion to 3 letter acronyms, we might call this ROI. Our transparent pricing ensures you’re spending where it counts. No matter how big your budget is, we want you to feel good about the money spent with us.

Local Expertise: We’re downright obsessed with being true “locals” in the destinations we serve. And we consider our local suppliers to be extensions of our team, even though they don’t fit within the conventional confines of our “office.” This means you get to sample the latest and greatest we have to offer, provided by local partners that meet our rigorous standards. We vet each one to be sure they’re a pure local and not overly bitter about having to share our amazing destinations with others.

Pure Local Expertise

We live, work, play, and put together incredible programs in our destinations. Our knowledge of the area is unmatched, allowing us to create something your attendees will be raving about for years to come. With decades of experience running programs, you will avoid costly errors and other problems that simply could not be foreseen by someone without our local insight.

Creative Program Design

Our team’s experience with creativity and innovative programs means we can make your event different. During the planning stages we collaborate with our clients to ensure their vision is understood by both parties, and then embodied throughout the program.

Extensive Vendor Network

We have exclusive local relationships that allow us to provide experiences others simply cannot. Take advantage of these partnerships and unique opportunities to save your budget while providing that “wow” factor.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Meetings and incentives in our destinations are truly remarkable, and we love what we do, but we also never lose sight of the big picture. Pure Local Services is certified by the Green Business Bureau, and we consider ethical factors in all business decisions we make.


While we certainly offer guidance and consultation on how to create an incredible program, you still keep the final say in all decision-making. We don’t have “standard programs” that you choose from, because we realize every client and program requires a level of personalization and inventiveness.

Actively Managed Budgets

Our team works with you before, during, and after your program to ensure your budget requirements are met. We offer enhanced transparency into your budget, and we always provide thorough documentation, reporting, and debriefing materials.

Proactive Staff

Our team is professional and hands-on, while still allowing space and privacy when needed. We are adept at anticipating and professionally handling all kinds of problems, and we are always there to let your attendees in on some local secrets.

Cutting Edge Technology

As part of our mission to be industry-pioneers in innovating alongside technology, the newest and most powerful tools will be woven throughout your program. This not only helps to maximize the efficiency of your event, but the state-of-the-art technology will also impress your attendees.

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