Pure Local DMC – Park City’s most plugged-in DMC.

Destination Management that gives your group “locals-only” access to Park City.

While “Destination Management” is the term used to describe local experts like us, we prefer to think of ourselves as a services company that serves up unforgettable, immersive experiences instead of a management company that just “manages” to ensure your visit to Park City goes smoothly. Our refreshing approach combines creative design, meticulous planning, transparent pricing, collaborative processes, the latest technology, and unique hyper-wicked-hella local experiences.

Plus, Pure Local is the next-generation DMC that also serves our Park City community and the rest of our planet. Through collaboration with our clients, we’re committed to supporting the local communities and global causes that are important to all of us. We decided to rewrite the planning playbook to create truly authentic local experiences and deliver interactive meetings, events, and incentives with a focus on sustainability and a lighter footprint on the planet.

Oh, and in case you didn’t already know, Park City is one of the most easily accessed, group-friendly destinations in the world and it’s the perfect playground for your next program.

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Park City, Utah


  • Experience life elevated at 7,000 feet
  • Only 38 miles from Salt Lake City International Airport
  • Two world-class ski resorts
  • Hosted several events for the 2002 Winter Olympic Games & 2019 FIS World Championships
  • 450+ miles of world-class mountain biking trails
  • Over 9,000 acres of in-bounds ski terrain
  • 150 restaurants, dozens of art galleries, several five-star hotels and resorts
  • Discovered in 1868 by miners, first ski lift installed in 1946
  • Home to the world-famous Sundance Film Festival

World Class Accommodation

World Class Accommodation

Simply unmatched by other alpine destinations, the accommodations in Park City are different. With countless ritzy and lavish properties, like the world-famous Stein Ericksen Lodge or The Montage, as well as numerous more economical yet still convenient options, there is truly something here for any kind of group. Leave it to Pure’s hotel match-making team, and your group will enjoy preferred rates at the perfect location.

Authentic Activities

Boundless Activities

Quite honestly, there might be more for corporate groups to do in Park City than anywhere else. From skiing and snowmobiling, to unique tours and museums celebrating Park City’s rich and spooky history, to countless settings for team building and personal growth activities, this is the ideal playground for groups of all sizes and interests. Don’t worry though, the Pure team will help you sort through the myriad of nature and fun-filled activities to ensure your attendees leave with countless memories that last a lifetime.

Inspiring Venues

Inspiring Venues

The venues throughout Park City and the surrounding areas are nothing short of breathtaking. Unlike any venues you’ve used before, these stunning properties are deeply intertwined with alpine nature, history, personal-touch, and state-of-the-art technologies. The plethora of world-class venues are a big part of what makes Park City the ultimate destination for corporate groups.

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